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Measuring Results: Conversion Tracking / Reporting

Conversion Tracking

Measuring results is the key to success in Digital Marketing

Review – Test – Refine

There a number of tools available to help with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement and Conversion Tracking, with the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics being the most widely used, and are the tools Click Up uses

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are what website owners use to determine how the site and marketing is performing
  • Conversion Tracking is used to measure those KPI’s
  • Google Tag Manager enables conversion tracking to be set up without adding lots of code to the website, that could adversely effect the site performance
  • Google Analytics (GA4) provides website site performance data, including conversion tracking, to enable website owners / marketing agencies to make informed decisions based on data


Clear concise reporting is important to provide clients with useful information, in a format they want, to enable decision making

Providing reams of data with meaningless text and graphs can be confusing and result in clients not reviewing them – which defeats the purpose

  • Google Analytics (GA4) has some reporting facilities
  • Google Ads / Microsoft Ads have some reporting facilities

For consolidating data from different sources, providing visually informative reporting, including dashboards, tools such as Looker Data Studio are very useful

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